Genoa Pharmacy

We are excited to announce our partnership with Genoa Pharmacy! Genoa will be located onsite in AngleZ Behavioral Health Services. As a patient or recipient of services from ABHS you can fill all your medications without the long waits, inconvenience and insurance dilemmas. The Genoa Pharmacy team will work directly with you, your medication prescribers, and your support team to develop a plan that supports you.

Genoa Pharmacy also can:

• Fill all medications (not just behavioral health)
• Mail all medications (at no extra cost) or you can pick them up at curbside
• Organize your pills based on the date and time you need to take them, making it easy to stay on track
• Help you transfer prescriptions from other pharmacies
• Contact your providers when you are out of refills or remind you that you have a refill that you have not called in.

For more information, please speak with your provider at ABHS, including your Care Coordinators or Therapists. You do not need to have medications prescribed by ABHS to use the pharmacy.
Further information can also be found at or by calling the pharmacist at 207-707-9123.