Outpatient Treatment for Adolescents and Families Struggling with Substance Use Disorders

Licensed as a substance use disorder treatment facility in the State of Maine, we know that a growing number of our adolescent population are facing substance use disorders in family environments and social environments.

AngleZ BHS is an outpatient treatment facility in Kennebec County specializing in the support that adolescents need to receive the opioid medication assisted treatment and/or the individual therapy and support needed for recovery and a healthy start into adulthood.

“This above all; to thine own self be true.”

― William Shakespeare

adolescent teen visiting help team for help to cope

AngleZ Behavioral Health Services Professionals are being trained in an evidence-based treatment model referred to as Adolescents-Community Reinforcement Approach.

The A-CRA model is aimed at supporting an individual and/or their family to reconnect or discover healthy outlets and connect then to others in the community who promote continued recovery and provide healthy connections.

Our providers will be able to support clients in exploring healthy interests to replace unhealthy activities, learning healthy communication skills to meet their needs and build stronger relationships with family and friends as well as learning coping skills that assist them in regulating their own thoughts and emotions as it pertains to their recovery work.

AngleZ treatment professionals have been and are actively involved in collaborative work, through the ECHO initiative. This initiative assists providers is developing skills through sharing treatment experiences and ongoing education around supporting adolescents with substance use disorders.

“Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud.”

― Hermann Hesse

AngleZ further supports the Substance Use Treatment model by having the following:

  • Genoa Pharmacy located on site to support same day medication prior authorizations and script filling at time of appointment.
  • State of Maine Grant Fund Contract providing financial funding for those without insurance to receive treatment and medication free of charge to the patient.
  • Collaboration with area PCP practices to coordinate care and/or establish care if needed.


The Team:

When an adolescent is accepted into treatment for an opioid use disorder the will get a team approach to treatment.  The following team members will actively engage with the adolescent and their families/support systems:

  • Medical Doctor/Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant – Assess, Diagnose, and treat through Medication Assisted Treatment disorders related to substance use. Buprenorphine (Suboxone) and Derivatives.
  • Substance Use Disorder Therapist – Individual or group therapy available to work through trauma, promote healthy coping skills, increase awareness of self.
  • Patient Navigation – An individual assigned to your treatment with extensive experience in linking to resource that support a healthy lifestyle.
  • Peer Support – You’re not alone in your recovery process, hear/speak with a certified peer support specialist who can identify the difficulties and successes of your road to recovery.
  • Medication Assisted Treatment Nurse – Provides medical guidance and support as needed.

Please call us today, we will work hard to ensure that your first appointment will be scheduled within 3 days of the referral.

ABHS has grant funding provided by the State of Maine to cover individuals who do not have any form of insurance.  Grant funding covers all services we provide in our Opioid Health Home these grant funds will additionally pay for the Medication Assisted Treatment Scripts written by our team prescribers.   Don’t let lack of insurance be the reason why you don’t start your path to recovery.