Please download and print the Wrap-fund Application using the link below and complete by hand using black or blue ink. :

ABHS Wrap-fund Application

Wrap Funds help meet the EMERGENCY needs of adult individuals with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) that cannot be otherwise met through regular system of care. This is a fund of last resort Applicant must demonstrate they have exhausted all other resources. There is an application process and criteria for how funds are to be used.

AngleZ Behavioral Health Services administers the Wrap Funds for Kennebec and Somerset Counties. If you live in either of these counties, have an emergency need and meet the eligibility guidelines for Section 17 services, please complete the attached application.

AngleZ Behavioral Health Services is not responsible for helping you complete the application.

Completed applications may be returned to:

By Mail or Drop Off:  AngleZ Behavioral Health Services

841 Riverside Dr

Augusta, ME 04330

By Fax:  (844) 294-5306

For any Wrap related questions please contact:

Kurstin Pomerleau

Phone: (844) 294-5306

Email: wrap@anglezbhs.com

Applications are available on our website at anglezbhs.com

The Wrap committee meets every Wednesday at 10am. Completed applications need to be submitted by 5:00 the Tuesday before in order to be reviewed by the committee.

After an application has been reviewed, the applicant or requesting case manager will be sent a letter of approval or denial within 5 business days. Any applicant who disagrees with the decision may appeal the denial within ten (10) business days of the receipt of the decision in writing to:

OBH Mental Health 41 Anthony Avenue, SHS #11, Augusta, ME 04333-0011. If you choose to resubmit your application for a second review to AngleZ Behavioral Health Services, please resubmit all documents in one submission.

Wrap Fund Application:

  • If applicant RECEIVES section 17 services, proof of enrollment and authorized KEPRO by Atrezzo must be attached.
  • If applicant DOES NOT RECEIVE section 17 services, the section 17 eligibility form must be completed and signed by a licensed professional, IF the applicant meets the eligibility criteria on the form.
  • Applicants must list other recourses/ agencies that have been sought to meet the requested need- at least 3 are recommended.

Each wrap fund category has specific requirements. Please review them and be sure to provide all the required information.