Driver Education and Evaluation Program

As a DEEP approved service provider, our counselors can support you with completing both DEEP evaluations and treatments.

Evaluations consist of a minimum of two sessions, but no more than four, with a required concerned person to be interviewed as part of the process.

Treatment needs and duration will be determined during your intake as part of the treatment planning process.

“Be humble to see your mistakes,

courageous to admit them,

and wise enough to correct them”

― Amine Ayad



To begin this process, please contact the DEEP office at 207-626-8600 or at . You will be provided with a Release of Information to complete and identify the DEEP approved provider that you would like to see. Once complete and returned to the State of Maine, we will be sent your referral and contact you to set up an appointment.

Evaluations cannot be billed to insurance; therefore, they must be paid out of pocket. Fees for treatment vary, however, can be covered by MaineCare insurance.

Please contact us for more information about our fee structure.

Referrals for other needed treatment services can be completed as part of the evaluation and treatment process.